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Open Society Essay

Democracy is promoted all over the world. Totalitarian and authoritarian regimes are almost completely eliminated from practice. Moreover, population does not favor the remaining regimes of the same type. Governments of many countries, as well as international organizations have done enormous work to achieve such results. However, they still cannot state that they have completed their mission to promote human values all over the planet and bring peace and wealth to all families. There can be no doubts that intention of democracy to promote equality among the population is an important and integral part of the modern developing society (Schuck, 2016). Trying to achieve it people have to sacrifice far more essential values, such as providing every child with an opportunity to live, having sufficient nutrition, receiving education, and living long lives. High income of a minor group of population can be sacrificed by means of creation of a sort of communistic equality ideal to achieve the above describes values. However, the process of the change is complex and it is going to impact all areas of people’s lives, bringing numerous negative changes (Schuck, 2016). This means that improvement of the current situation is not only about introduction of certain communist society type features, but it is also about formation of a new regime and a new society to promote human rights and values.

Interrelation of democracy and capitalism must not be underestimated as the connection between them is far from being automatic. Consequently, victory of capitalism will not mean democracy triumph. Moreover, repressive regimes are not likely to reject the authority and they are frequently supported by interests of the business, both developing in the country and internationally. This tendency is especially powerful in the countries that are rich in such resources as oil and diamond.

Probably these days the greatest threat to freedom arises precisely from the alliance between the government and business. For example, in Peru, Zimbabwe, and Malaysia or among Russian oligarchs, where often there is a manifestation of the democratic process, but nonetheless government meets private interests, disregarding needs of the population of the country (Nalbandov, 2016).

Capitalism creates wealth, but it cannot be relied upon when it comes to defending freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. Business management benefits, it is not adapted to provide universal principles. Even the preservation of the market itself requires something more (Schuck, 2016). Particularly, the market participants are competing to win, and if they could, they would have destroyed their rivals. Therefore, freedom, democracy and the rule of law cannot be left to market forces and institutional protection systems are necessary.

Traditionally, protection of common interests is the task of the state. But the power of the state shrunk with the expansion of the global capital market. Since capital can now leave the countries in which there are taxes and regulation, governments listen to his demands. Free competition produces more wealth than government control; Globalization keeps the state from abuse of …

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