Personal Identity and Identification Process example

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Personal Identity and Identification Process

In both books, the authors lay emphasis on the role of religion in influencing the characters personal identity. In the book of Odyssey, it is evident through the various influences religion had and Odyssey choice and
interest. For instance, after King near persuaded Telemachosto to go and find out the whereabouts of his father at first he was afraid. His reason for fear is that he thought he lacked the essential skills necessary to interact with the king to get information pertaining his father whereabouts. His fear however ended upon his mentor's encouragement that, ‘Telemachos, some of it you will see in your own heart,/ and some the divinity will put in your mind. I do not/ think you could have been born and reared without the gods’ will (Book II, pg.52, Line 26- 28)”. The statement changes the opinion, which Telemachus had regarding his inability in public speaking. It is an indication of how important religious affairs were it came to influencing the personal identity of individuals. A
situation even made him take up Athene advice and succeed in his speech. It is an indication of trusting the religious figures like Athene and letting them encourage the characters where they are not sure about the idea. The whole issue of confidence is emanating from the fact that religion is always right in this novel.

Also when Poseidon strikes Oddesey ship and he ends up floating for two nights on the dark sea (Book V, pg.98, Line 388-389)”. A memorable event as it is the first time during his return journey when he lost faith in what his interest was that is getting home a doubt that was about to destroy him. However, the Ino and Athene gods saved him. It is an indication that the religion was essential in influencing people interest and keeping people on track towards achieving their interest, which, make up the larger part of personal identity. Another instance in support of religion influencing personal identity was when Odyssey when to the underworld to seek guidance on his way home. He was to rely on the god's advice on how to progress with the journey. We see the encounter that he has with the spirit of his mother as well as the gods, which the community considered vital for the survival of the community. Their advice guides his decisions on being brave and facing challenges lying ahead of him. Any disobedience on the given instruction would result in difficulties of pursuing the interest of getting home.

Test characterizes the return Journey by Oddesey include that one which he and his men come along sirens that are playing well. He puts wax in the ears of the people and asks them to tie him up so that not all could end up following the …

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