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Philadelphia Greek Mafia


According to Griffin (2003) crime groups have been in existence since time in memorial. In the United States, for instance, there exists quite some crime groups that have continued to stress the community. In Philadelphia, there exists an organized group named the Philadelphia Greek Mafia. The Philadelphia’s Greek Mob or commonly known as the Greek Mafia depicts a low-profile a criminal gang that bases on the ethnicity of Greek
Americans who live in Philadelphia. The group is also believed to have relations with the Italian Philadelphia crime group. Moreover, the group depicts an organized framework with a leader who directs orders and the
orders follow a chain of command to the bottom. The group had economic activities to guarantee its day to day activities. Attributable to the elucidations highlighted above, this paper seeks to analyze the Philadelphia Greek Mafia and come up with its political arrangement, economic activities and its final termination.

Political Background

The above group was arranged from the top. With its leadership based on its head and leader. The Philadelphia Mafia group headquartered in Pennsylvania. The group started in the 1930s and was instituted and directed by Chelsais “Steve” Bouras of Upper Northeast Philadelphia. The group comprised of 50 to 60 members Greek Americans and the Greek ethnicity generally. The group leads over quite a large area. In that, it controlled
over Philadelphia, Baltimore, parts of Delaware Valley, Washington D.C and many other regions of the United States. Besides, the group had allies with the K&A Gang, Philadelphia Crime Family, and the Velentzas Crime Family. The above group came to a decline with the murder of Steve Bouras at the Meletis Greek Restaurant alongside his fiancé Janette Curro after he failed to pay Scarfo’s street taxes.

Economic Activities

The group undertook economic activities to raise funds that could help it run its day to day activities, as well as, show its might. Most of the activities were illegal and against the rule of law. The group took part in illegal gambling, loansharking, trade of methamphetamine, extortion, as well as, murder. The above undertakings worked to ensure that it had control over the region that it control.

Current Status

The group has been active but not as active as it were under the leadership of Steve Bouras. Subsequently, in the 1980s, the group engaged in the mob war …

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