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Political Science

Political science is a broad discipline that is involved in the study of the various ways that the system of the government is carried out. It will go the extra mile in the determination of the behaviors that the people in the political scene tend to have about the various issues. Additionally, it will try to show the way in power in divided amongst the different individuals in the political landscape (Demarsin, 2010). In this research task, it will try to view the idea that the repression of the Nazi brought out more benefit to the international human right than in the look of the Western human rights.

The view of the Nazi, it was a political unit I Germany that incorporated on the how regard to racism and the look of anti-Semitism. One of the ideas that they view critical was the use of the racial hierarchy in the nation (OFFNER, 2011). The aim for the formation of the group was to ensure that it was able to unite all the individuals that lived in the territories of Germany (Ehrenreich, 2007). The objective was to create the national unity and was against the concepts such as the Marxist in the display of class struggle as well as internationalism (Ehrenreich, 2007).

In the look at the Bernheim petition, it was brought up by a warehouse employee known as Bernheim. In the case, the employee has come forward to the view that the use of the Nazi government had been involved in the lack of the observation of the German-Polish Convention. In the case, he had stated that the lack of the view of the same had led to the oppression of the right to the Jews community (Ericksen, 2012). It was illegal as the
Jews were treated in less regard than the rest of the German population. All the measures that had been done to prevent the debate on the issue were highly removed from the question (Hau, 2010). The case had, and this was
able to restore the right of the Jews as they enjoyed equality of rights and even the rights that had been forbidden to then grant such as the Third Reich. The lack of the observation of the Nazi critical role in this
situation was able to have a significant effect on the whole world.

This process is because of the great debate on the one case had turned to favor the minority that is the Jews that had been oppressed. It acted as the mirror that even with the look at the small minority groups in
the community; they are also entitled to the equal treatment and need to be given their human rights equally (Lamberti, 2011). In this, if the fundamental Nazi rule had delegated the human rights to the …

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