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President Trump’s Speech

On February, 28, 2017, President Donald J. Trump delivered his first address to a Joint Session of Congress. This speech was anticipated by the majority of American population. Trump’s speech showed his optimism towards the future of the U.S. and was warmly welcomed by the Congressional audience.

Trump started his speech by speaking about American unity despite evil events addressing recent anti-sematic acts – shooting of two immigrants in Kansas. Patriotic motive can be traced throughout the whole speech following the 250th anniversary of the U.S. founding in 2026. Generally he sounded optimistic talking even about controversial topics like immigration and counterterrorism. His inspirational thoughts appealed to national purpose, and the Congressional audience seemed to be impressed. “Donald Trump did indeed become presidential tonight, and I think we'll see that reflected in a higher approval rating," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said on CNN after the speech” (Collinson). Trump also touched topics of national security, Obamacare replacement and mentioned William "Ryan" Owens, who was killed in an anti-terror raid in Yemen.

Personally, I was not surprised to hear the ideas that were presented. National security topic was connected with “radical Islamic terrorism”, Obamacare was called a disaster, and he repeated his promise to build “the great-great wall”. Trump’s address, however, reached its goal: I was inspired by that speech. He seemed to be very confident about his ideas leading to the power of America and that is the reason for my support of it. After watching the speech a sense pride for being an American becomes even stronger.


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