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Project Management at Global Green Books Publishing


Global Green Books Publishing is a company that provides its clients with electronic books.It started out as a small project by the two friends and soon became a successful business.However, on the third year of functioning, the firm started to face several problems. They were unable to leverage all new employees effectively, unable to deliver eBooks to their customers on schedule, unable to provide quality texts and unable to control costs so their business became non-profitable. As a result they decided to hire a project manager with a hope that it will bring positive benefits to their company. Project manager Samantha made a few ground braking decisions that changed the entire situation. In this research we will try to answer the questions like: why the Global Green Books Publishing began to struggle, what were the specific solutions introduced by Samantha that worked and will she remain a successful project manager due to the lack of technological knowledge? The research is also aimed at revealing a project management value for the business.


Project management is the essential part of the entire working process, no matter is it a small group task or a big project of the huge company. PM has evolved from being just a management philosophy to a business process which the most companies claim to be a mandatory of the firm survival. It has become such a big phenomenon in corporative world that even universities are offering degrees in project management. PM is a complicated form of corporate behavior and has a decisive impact on the final results. It consists of several elements and is a mixture of technical and psychological issues aimed at the best performance and productivity from the company employees. Successful project management means reaching the project objectives. (Kerzner, 2013)Global Green Books Publishing is a company that produces and delivers eBooks. It was founded by two friends Jim King and Brad Mount. From the very beginning they divided their duties between each other and the business was successful for the first two years. But on the third years of their work they began to face some serious problems with almost every aspect of their company life. We will try to find out why it happened by answering certain questions.

Question 1: Why did GGBP struggle?

There were few reasons for that. First of all, on the third year they found a new major customer for themselves – local college which needed customized eBooks. Jim and Brad were the only two employees of the company so they couldn`t manage to deal with all the new amount of work that had to be done. So they hired several part-time employees to help them. Unfortunately, considering that besides controlling their employees Jim and Brad also had to focus on editing, sales, marketing, doing electronic assembly and publishing of books-it was hard …

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