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Romeo and Juliet

Qn 1: Do You Think The End of The Play Was Uplifting Or Unhappy? Why Do You Think This? (At Least 230 Words)

The end of the play creates an unhappy scene. It is sad to know that despite the love the two love birds shared, Romeo and Juliet could not see it to fruition. Ideally, the play is not the usual happy ever after love stories that the reader is accustomed to. Therefore, the twist of events makes it an unhappy one. It is sad that even though the two lovers fought hard to sustain their undying love for each other, they die before experiencing freedom for their love.

The scenario through which both partners lose their lives creates an even depressing mood. First, when Friar tries to contact Romeo to let him know about Juliet faking her death, he is not able to reach her. It is sad that he comes into the city thinking that his lover is dead yet that is not true. Further, when he comes to her coffin, he is not able to realize that she is still alive. Thus, Romeo’s failure to notice that the love of his life was still alive is saddening as the reader hopes that there will be a better end to the play despite all the odds. This brings the reader to question why Juliet didn’t wake up in time before Romeo takes poison, only for her to wake up and find that her lover is dead, a circumstance which compels her to stab herself to death. Thus, the play ending in death apparently relates to a sad, unhappy mood.

Qn 2: How Does Romeo Deal With The Death of Tybalt? How Does Juliet? (At Least 220 Words)

Both Juliet and Romeo have mixed reactions towards the death of Tybalt. Juliet is first confused with the death of Tybalt as she is not able to understand why Romeo, her lover could resort to killing Tybalt. However, she, later on, comes round and becomes supportive of her husband, Romeo. On the other hand, the emotions of Romeo after the death of Tybalt are those of relief and shame. First, he is relieved and happy that he has finally avenged the death of his best friend, Mercutio.

As Tybalt was responsible for the death of Mercutio, Romeo feels that he has finally gotten justice for his friend. On the other hand, despite the relief that this murder grants him, he feels ashamed of his deeds. Notably, Romeo was an honorable man who acted with great valor. This means that he treated human life with high regard and believed in serving diligently at all times. Therefore, resorting to killing someone in the pretext of avenging his did not make him feel better. In fact, he feels sorry that he has betrayed his values and status as an honorable man. He is further ashamed that he was not able to control his emotions, particularly …

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