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Religious Tenets

The so-called Holy Lands are not just a religious term but almost an official geographical location, pointing on the territory stretching from the borders of modern Egypt to Syria. In all parts of the world, representatives of the three main monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will understand exactly which place is meant when they hear this term. For all of them, those lands are holy, play a significant role in the history of their religion and exist as one of the core beliefs in the main tenets. However, despite the fact that all of them appreciate Holy Lands, throughout the history those three religious systems have always been main rivals in the wars for the control over that territory. Some of them based their motives on the historical attachment to the places where their religion was established and developed; others are driven by the behest of their prophets to control particular parts of the world. The same behests establish the world dominance as one of the main goals of the particular religion. The three controversial positions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism concerning the territory of the Holy Lands exclude mutual agreement and compromise, which will inevitably lead them to many new conflicts and non-ending war. Although Jews obviously have more historical and religious rights to occupy the Holy Lands, it is the main importance to find a compromise without violence, which, in my opinion, can only be found in the way of a mutual agreement to control the Holy Land together.

The territory once called Palestine is the most important sacred place for Jews and Christians but only a part of the big area called the Holy Lands. Palestine and Israel are the centers of this area and most of the holy places are located within their borders. Other significant parts involved in repeating religious conflict include Western Jordan, Sinai Peninsula, and Southern Syria, where many important events in Christian and Judaist history took place


("What is this Holy Land?", 2017). For Jews, Jerusalem and Palestine are their ancestral home, from where they were exiled in the past and have a strong wish to come back. Besides, it is described in the Jewish holy texts as a center of the universe and the most important place on …

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