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Searching for a Job

Searching for a job is an important and useful experience for every person. First searching for a job is almost always a failure: the salary is not as high as you expected, the tasks are more difficult than it seems at the beginning and you also become tired faster, than you rated. But this experience make you better, first money gives you additional freedom from your parents and you believe that whole world will lie at yours feet. This experience opens you the main truth about job searches: “Big companies are definitely better that little ones”.Now let’s discuss why big companies are better for you. First of all big companies provides a various number of different working position.

If you are talented painter, or designer, or you are interested in logistics it is always bigger chances to find a job in big company, which is internationally, or at least is working at national level. Small companies are historically kind of “family business” where one worker takes a lot of posts. Limited income of small companies forces them to combine positions. For example, in small company director can be a manager, a driver and also a general worker at the same time. So, big companies give more chances that your talent will be in demand and well-paid.Secondly, big companies also give you more career chances for development, than little ones. This idea ensues from previous paragraph: first of all big companies need more workers, there are more working positions and more chances get promotion. If you are working better than others, the board of directors will notice it. Big companies also pays more attention on their workers development, they are providing additional courses, inviting famous coaches and gives you more chances to reach their potential, which is a great ability for young persons.

As a rule, big companies are more legal then little ones, their reputation is too high to pursue fraud, so big companies follow the laws and different rules. Oftentimes according to Mogel (2000) big companies are taking care about adaptation of new workers, and for overall teambuilding by providing additional teambuilding courses, tours to the museums, family days etc.Thirdly, big companies are better choice for novice without experience, during your adaptation there is no additional pressure on you. In small companies all positions are limited, often one worker takes two positions and finally his overall efficiency is reduced. Often, nobody can check the quality of your work; nobody can correct your mistake or show you some tricks about your job. But in big companies there is a special department, which controls internal processes.

For example, your work is checked by experienced worker or your mentor, who will teach you all basic information and professional tricks. Also, due to special internal department the ability to make a serious mistake is minimized. So, undoubtedly, finding a job in a big company is the best bet for newcomers, who want to …

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