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Service Time Line

Front of the House management includes the following responsibilities:1) Planning the server sections; 2) Organizing the employees, using special tools, for instance, a lead shift sheet in order to see who is on the floor; 3) Communicating with back of the house service to make the whole process harmonic and corresponding to the situation around; 4) Motivating the entire staff from the side of the manager personally to keep up the productivity and ability to keep clients pleased; 5) Controlling for the reservations and patrons in order to maintain stability and make sure no conflicts or complaints of any kind occur; 6) Scheduling all of front of the house employees to provide the efficient coverage of all of the working time with employees to meet all the needs of the restaurant at every point of time.

Front of the House is responsible for the first impression a client shall make about the restaurant as a whole, so it is very important that everything goes smooth and every single employee functions perfectly to make guests feel pleased and appreciated. Front of the House Staff includes Restaurant Manager, Host, Bartenders, Servers and Bussers. The mission of the manager is to organize the work of all staff in a way that makes possible the full-scale functioning of a restaurant even without the manager’s personal presence. One of the most effective and low-cost ways of establishing such order is to have employees learned their roles in the process to the level of accuracy at which they do not require any additional instructions. If some sort of emergency happens, staff knows the logic and purpose behind its every action in the restaurant’s life work cycle, so they can easily adjust to the changes without interfering with the working functions of other employees.

The job descriptions and the brief introduction of every Front of the House employees are the following:

- Restaurant Manager. Manager has a duty to make a forecast on how many guest shall presumable arrive according to different factors, starting from tables booked and ending with the schedule of sports events in the country. Manager keeps statistics on guests’ arrival rates on respective days of previous years in order to help itself with the previous task and contribute to the further improvement of workflow organization in the restraint. Manager must take into consideration many other matters like weather, day of the week, season, current events and similar not only to predict the number of guests to be expected at a certain point of time, but also to give additional instructions to staff so the restaurant would be prepared to meet some unusual needs of clients. For instance, sudden temperature drop in summer evening might require staff to prepare plaids for the customers, having a rest outside the building and so on. Managers’ other function is to serve as a link between the kitchen and the front of the house. Also, people, dealing with guests’ complaints are managers.

- Host. Host’s task is work …

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