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Six Rights of the Consumer

Former President John F. Kennedy during his speech to the US Congress in March 1962 referred to "all of us" as consumers (Presidential Library and Museum, 2017). He meant “all of us” because at some point one buys goods and services for consideration has or will be paid. Consumers comprise the biggest economic cohort thus influencing or being influenced by all economic decisions whether public or private. As such, consumers across the world regardless of the economy in which there in deserve to be protected. Consumer rights are well drafted, and bodies such as the government, the judiciary, and other non-governmental organizations are responsible for safeguarding them. It is in that regard that states have adopted a set of rules protecting consumers known as consumer rights. These rights have become part of consumers’ daily survival in a consumerist manner (Anwar, 2013). Being in document form, they can be accessed by anyone at any given time. It is possible that majority of consumers have interacted with these rights at some point in life due to increase in market sources thus creating more awareness.

Six Consumer Rights

Right to safety

Consumers must be shielded from dangerous goods and services acquired in various stores and marketplaces being their right. This right must, however, be utilized efficiently to suit its purpose. This is important as it protects consumers from buying hazardous products as well as ensuring they get value for their money.

Right to be Informed

This ensures that consumers get to know all material facts to make an informed determination regarding various factors such as quality, price, quantity and purity of sought products. This goes ahead to protect consumers against improper labeling, false information and misleading advertising (Cymraeg, 2015). This right is important as it guarantees consumers know how to use a product, its effects as well as raw materials used in making that product.

Right to Choice

The right of choice can be interpreted in different ways depending on suiting interests. Given the material information, consumers should be allowed to decide on whatever quality of products and services to acquire from the vendor at a price affordable to them. This ensures consumers get what they want at their preferred price.

Right to be Heard

In all fairness and consideration, consumers have an equal right to be heard in government legislation and policy issues that touch on their lives. They should have the opportunity to present their ideas and grievances to the concerned platform. This helps create awareness among consumers regarding their rights and existing regulations that govern the exchange of goods and services.

Right to Redress

Situations may arise where the consumer in not satisfied with the goods offered or quality of service. In such an instance, the consumer has a right to ventilate and present his/her dissatisfaction until an amicable solution or resolution is reached (Consumer-Voice.Org, 2013). This right ensures consumer interests are protected.

Right to Consumer Education

This is the right that permits the consumer to utilize their consumer rights. They should consume this right since …

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