Social Challenges and Abuse Cases of Indigenous Children in the United States and Canada example

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Social Challenges and Abuse Cases of Indigenous Children in the United States and Canada

Throughout the twentieth century, until the year of nineteen-seventeenth, in the United States of America, children from the minority ethnic origin were removed forcefully from the families as well as the communities, by the church and state authorities, forced to become "assimilated". Such policies also include the Stolen Generations and the Canadian Indian residential school system with these children suffering severe abuse. The study of the abuse of children and neglect that was emerged as the academic discipline in the United States in the early nineteen seventieths. Elisabeth Young-Bruehl was maintaining that despite a growing child advocates number and interest in the protection of children that took place, and the grouping of children into non-abused and abused created an artificial distinction narrowing the children's rights concept to the maltreatment protection, blocking the investigation of the ways where children were discriminated against the society generally. The other
effect of the child abuse and neglection was studied, as to Young-Bruehl, who was too close to the consideration on how children perceived a maltreatment with an importance they were placing on the adults' attitudes.

Young-Bruehl had written that when the children's inherent inferiority belief to adults is in society, all the children may suffer whether or not the treatment was labeled as an abusive one (Durrant, 2014). The labor of children refers to the children employment in any work depriving children of their childhood, and interfering with the ability to attend a regular school, or is physical, mentally, socially or morally be harmful or dangerous. The International Labor Organization is considering this labor to be an exploitation form and children abuse. Child labor may refer to some occupations that infringe the children development and does not include an age being properly supervised jobs where minors could participate (Roosa, 2015).

To conclude, it should be admitted that the gender relationships are considered as a fundamental social life component. The gender experiences were emphasized, therefore. Both women and men are the analysis part, with the emphasis that is placed on the differences within the society context that are viewed from power relations.


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