Social Experiment Analysis example

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Social Experiment Analysis

Item #1

I decided to deal with people waiting at a bus stop. I was looking from afar at two persons who were waiting for a bus. The first one was a male in a blue jacket who was looking at his cell phone again and again either to read a message or simply to know what time it is. He was surely in a hurry. The second one was a male in a black coat who was simply standing and waiting until his bus arrives. Seemingly, he was not in a hurry. I noted that at a bus stop one man was in a hurry while another male was simply waiting for the bus.

Item #2

In the course of the conversation with males, a number of details became clear. The man in a blue jacket was late for the important meeting and, consequently, he was writing a message to inform his partners about this fact and looking whether SMS was delivered. Therefore, his only goal was to get to the meeting as fast as possible. The other man was going home after a working day. He was not in a hurry because nobody was waiting for him at his place of living. Despite the fact he was tired, it was much easier to communicate with him in comparison with a first male. I noted that placing myself in that scene proved my preliminary assumptions that one man was in a hurry while another male was simply waiting for the bus.

Item #3

I compared notes from item #1 and #2 and came to the conclusion that there was no significant difference between them. Moreover, the information that I managed to get during the conversation with males helped understand their behavioral features. Consequently, in my situation, dealing with the issue of verstehen enhanced the interpretation of what was happening in the …

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