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Social Media Addiction

It is difficult to imagine modern life without computers, information technologies, and the Internet, that has managed to occupy a special place in everyone's life. The popularity of social media is quite remarkable. Social networking is an attribute of the every-day life of modern people. Almost every person has a social media account because social networks have become a common activity nowadays. Every day a lot of people use various social networks simultaneously, including different kinds of messengers installed on smartphones. Some people proudly say that they do not watch television, do not smoke, and have no bad habits, but they usually forget to mention another form of addiction. Not everyone notices the problem of being online all the time, checking the phone for new messages, comments, and notifications every ten minutes. Social media addiction refers to individuals spending most of their time using the Internet, being online in social networks and other social media, that it begins to interfere with the normal aspects of their daily life. In general, social media addiction considers the slightly noticeable verge between real and virtual communication. Sometimes people neglect their daily routine, browsing the web pages and commenting posts on the social media accounts. In a process of education, the socialization occurs under the influence of environment. Thus, with the emergence of social media, the form of communication and socialization has changed. It caused various consequences. Social media is addicting and it inhibits human development, but also it expands the social circle of individuals and offers more opportunities.

The social media are websites, platforms, social networks that form the virtual communities where people create accounts so they can connect and communicate with their real life friends or interact with other people based on mutual interests. Social media allow people express themselves the way they want to, representing their identities in the desired way. The social networks facilitate the virtual communication, therefore a person does not necessarily tell the truth. The virtual media provides the opportunity for individuals to embellish themselves, making them more successful, attractive, and interesting. The more they maintain this image and put an effort to make it better and better, the more they become addicted to their virtual identity (Andreassen 501-517). In general, it helps to keep the self-esteem much higher. The worst thing is that sooner or later people may break away from the Internet and face the collapse of illusions. Though, being the social media addicts, people usually do not acknowledge that fact. The virtual life drags people into the world of alternatives. The main attraction is the diversity of communities, interests, groups, chats, games, so people dive into the world of fun and social activities. Shortly after the real life becomes boring and tedious. It is much more easier for people to express their feeling and emotions via networking. The addiction appears even when people meet up with their friends. They do not even notice when they …

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