Specific Issues of Culture of Alaska Research and Annotated Bibliography example

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Specific Issues of Culture of Alaska Research and Annotated Bibliography

Background Research/Annotated Bibliography

The aim of this paper is to carry out a research about the main specific issues of culture of Alaska, as the current state of USA. The main purpose of this research is to develop intercultural communicational skills, as it contains an interview with the citizen of Alaska. This part of the entire project consists of aspects of the surface culture, which were determined within the process of its commitment.

Introduction Section

I decided to choose Alaska as a country of my research paper, as I am acquainted with a person, who had spent his childhood in this country. Therefore, my interviewer’s name is Elif Henson; he is a student of University of Calgary, Canada. The story of our acquaintance is an ordinary one: his family is fond of traveling, that is why I met him once in my own country and we decided to become friends in Facebook. Eventually, I have an international friend, who will help me to make a research in intercultural communication.

In the opinion of the scientists, Siberian hunters - the ancestors of the majority of Native Americans, opened Alaska. Indians migrated to the north in search of the mammoth, the main animal that the Stone Age people, during the glacial period. The excavations of researchers and scientists in Alaska have revealed interesting facts: human artefacts that were used in his household 12,000 years ago-that is, a few centuries before the end of the glacial period-were found. It seems that the forefathers of the Inuit nation have emerged in the six millennia before our age.

Alaska is the largest state in USA, from the point of view of its area. It is famous for its natural wealth, which definitely made an impact on it nation’ cultural development. I think I will consider it while submitting an interview. The territory of Alaska contains more than 3 million lakes and 3000 rivers - Yukon River, for example, is the third longest in the United States. The highest peak of North America is the peak of McKinley. Alaska also have about 70 active volcanoes. A poetic nickname of this country is "The Last Frontier", the final frontier. Alaska is called in such a way because it was the last territory on the North American continent that was granted the status of the 49th state of the United States on January 3, 1959, and because of its remoteness from the U.S. mainland, as well as the diversity of the landscape and climate. It is a country full of nicknames, another one is "The Midnight Sun Country". This short information gives a positive impression concerning its cultural surroundings from the point of view of romanticism and poetry.

The state of Alaska is located in the far northwest of the Americas, bordering Canada with British Columbia in the southeast and the Yukon in the east and north-east. In …

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