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Staffing The Intrapreneurship Plan

The healthcare industry where Medline operates is very competitive and supported by the global marketplace (Clark, 2006). The main goal of Medline is to satisfy the needs of customers without hindering their overall willingness to spend. Moreover, the company plans to expand the business overseas. Currently, Medline is looking for the ways to provide its products to new customers as well as to increase the engagement with current customers. This idea is necessary in order to help the company increase the revenue, allocate enough financial resources for business expansion and increase its market share in the industry. This suggests that the company requires additional human resources in order to manage these processes. Medline has a need in the marketing professionals who will contribute to the increase in revenue that expansion of the business involves.

It is important to ensure that the company has a strong team prior the extension because any financial losses may come from losing key employees (Need, 2006). That is why it is important to ensure that the company has a human resources generalist responsible for planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the hiring process. The human resources generalist has to establish a strong employment team. As the company plans to expand the business internationally, it is important to ensure that the members of the team are highly skilled. In order to expand the business and increase revenue in a cost-effective manner, it is required to build a self-managed team. A self-managed team is one of five types of teams that is characterized by the ability to take decisive, large-scale actions. This creates the situation when the members of the team share leadership responsibilities which lead to the increased effectiveness of business processes (Carte, 2006). That is why the company should assess a self-managed team in order to ensure success of the expansion plan.

The process of recruitment of the members of the team requires planning and control. That is because it is important to ensure that the employees are highly skilled because they will need to participate in the decision-making process. The recruitment should be conducted both internally and externally in order to ensure the professionalism of the members of the team. The talented employees can be hired within the organization. This will help to ensure their professionalism because they are already knowledgeable about the business processes within the company. This is very important for the effective execution of the plan.

Internal hires also increase the dedication of the employees because the company provides the ability for professional growth (Hendry, 2012). However, internal hires are unable to provide the company with the required human resources. That is because international expansion is the process that requires a shift in the operations of the business. This means that management has a need in external hires because new employees are able to think creatively. This happens because new members of the team are not committed to the cultural groupthink that exists …

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