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Stalking Offence

Stalking does not only happen to celebrities, it can happen to anyone. Stalking can be defined as the unwanted attention that is persistent and can make one feel harassed and pestered. This is a behavior that happens more than two or more times, and is usually directed to an individual by another person which raises an alarm that the staler might be violent against. One can find it difficult to cope with stalking since this behavior can go on for a long period of time making you feel afraid. One can take a long period of time for them to realize they are being stalked. The problem affects one psychologically. Stalking can also be carried out through the internet and social media. Some forms of stalking can include, leaving threatening voice messages, a person sending you gifts that you do not require and also following you and your family around among (A Hand On Criminal Harassment For Police And Crown Prosecutors For Police 23-34 ).

In Canada stalking is against the law and a stalker can be prosecuted. When one is being harassed he or she should take the following actions, one should call the police and tell them about the harassment and ask for information and support to help them cope. The police can put them in touch with other departments that can be of great help to them, such as the counseling services. They may also decide to get the number of the one who is the stalker and take action by investigating the complaint. In investing the case the police require as much information as they can get which include relevant information about the stalker. In case there is enough evidence the person will be charged, if he or she is found guilty they may be sentenced or he or she may be given other legal options such as a peace bond, a restraining order, and a protection order. However, court orders are not a guarantee of one’s safety. One should take measures such as making a copy of every order the court makes and never contain the person yourself.

In Canada some of the laws have been made illegal yet they should not be such as one should not migrate with second hand mattresses unless you have a license that shows you have cleaned and fumigated the mattress. Another law is that the Canadian citizens should not own baby walkers because they can cause injury to the child and also make the child not to walk faster. Women in Canada are not allowed to automatically take the names of their spouses after marriage. In case one's second name is very common the person is asked to provide a third name .In this country, some conducts are not criminalized yet they should be such as using a radar detector, flipping off a cop, driving with an open container of alcohol, wearing a colander on the head when getting a driver's license, ignoring stop signs on …

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