Sugar Intake and Health Interview Questions example

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Sugar Intake and Health Interview Questions

1) Can you tell me how old you are?

2) What ethnicity do you identify with? Are you African American, Hispanic, Asian American or Pacific Islander, or American Indian?

3) Can you tell me how many times you eat each day?

4) Are there any foods you completely avoid due to their content? Why?

5) Do you have any health-related conditions that affect your diet or movement?

6) Please describe your exercise routine. Include type of exercise, how many times per week you exercise, and how many minutes per session.

7) Do you have difficulty with: Hearing / Speech / Vision / Mobility / Sitting for 2 hours or more / Concentrating?

8) How often do you check your blood pressure? What was your blood pressure the last time it was taken?

9) How confident do you feel that you can limit your intake of sugar?

10) Do you currently smoke cigarettes or any other tobacco products on a daily basis or have you ever smoked in the past? If yes to either question, how many (on average)?

11) Have any of the members of your immediate family or other relatives ever been diagnosed with diabetes (type 1 or type 2)?

12) Have you ever been found to have high blood glucose (eg in a health examination, during an illness, during pregnancy)?

13) Have any of the members of your immediate family or other relatives been diagnosed with heart disease?

14) Have you ever experienced any foot or limb health issues (such as pain or reduced sensitivity)?

15) What is your current weight? Height? What is your goal weight? Has your weight changed in the past …

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