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Terrorism and Globalization

Since attacks of September 11, 2001 the fight with terrorism became the key goal of the national security. In fact, the general perception of the terrorism within the society has changed and the nation became aware of the threats imposed by the terrorism spread all over the world. This problem brought the new challenges to the national security and here the important question aroused, concerning the effective cooperation of the public, private sector and ordinary people on the road to enhancement of the national security. Actually the terrorism is not considered nowadays just the local problem.

Every nation all over the world faces this challenge and the governments of many countries unite their efforts in fight against terrorism. Terrorism is a special matter of concern for the developed economies. Some researchers in the field claim that the reason for this lies in the growing inequality between nations and in the spread of Islamic views in the world. The developed countries face the global challenge of terrorism, which foundation is formed by religious disputes between Islamic and Christian worlds. The other possible explanation is provided by the technological progress, which is inevitable nowadays, and the ability of the developed nations to spread their innovative elaborations to other countries. The transnational corporations play important role in this field, as their affiliates across the world are getting excess to the most recent technological achievements, which might get to the wrong hands. In any case the role of the national governments all over the world is to develop effective security strategy both at the national and international level to protect the ordinary citizens. The first step on the road of the development of this strategy is investigation of the characteristics of the modern terrorism, the key factors that influence its spread all over the world and the role of globalization in this process. It is quite understandable that globalization is inevitable process and any government all over the world would not be able to stop this process.

As a result it is important to understand how to make the global environment to control the terrorism and what preventive measures have to be developed on the national and local levels to overcome this threat. The aim of this research paper is to investigate the role of globalization processes in the development of the world terrorism, to examine the key characteristics of the modern terrorism and the possible ways to overcome it. In our opinion globalization can help to overcome the world terrorism and should not serve the accelerator to its development. The paper is organized as follows. The first step is the general description of the terrorism phenomena, its key characteristics and unique features developed in the global environment. The next step is to investigate the effect of the globalization processes on the development of the world terrorism and identification of the modern terrorism characteristics.

The cyber terrorism is paid primarily attention in this section, as …

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