The Civil Rights Movement and Black Churches example

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The Civil Rights Movement and Black Churches

The civil rights movement is one of the most important and, at the same time, most remarkable movements of the previous century. It was not the movement simply of one group of people fighting for their rights; it was a global struggle for human self-esteem which continued for over a century. Many scholars agree that it was one of the most significant social protests. Racial barriers did not allow people to take part in many social and political processes. Besides, they were excluded from many social and educational spheres. People of color had to fight their way through and Black Churches often served as some therapeutic establishment for those who suffered from injustice and humiliation.

The chapter titled The Post-Civil Rights “Black Church” reveals that fact that the Black Church has somewhat lessened its urge for centralization. It was stressed that every person is free to choose “to become a Christian” (198). Even church began to give more freedom to the blacks. Ideas of one of the religious leaders of the Black Church were very influential not only in religious world but also in secular world. Very religious people believed they could have impact on events related to Jesus’ second coming described in the Bible.

It is interesting the interpretations of the Bible change as the time passes. During different time periods people related different events to one and the same Biblical prophecy. Often interpretations fit the events and the general image of the prophesy. The thousand-year reign of God on the earth is believed to be described in Revelation 20 in verses 1 through 6. Interestingly, but different preaches could differently explain the event described in Revelation. It is surprising how one and the same prophesy, like the one about Revelation, could be interpreted quite differently, for instance, by Premillennialists and Postmillennialists. The former believed that when Jesus comes the first what he will do is to take his followers to the heavens; while the latter believed that Jesus is going to come back to the earth after one thousand …

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