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The History of Daoism and Healing

I. Introduction and thesis

Daoism (Taoism) is a spiritual system that was developed in China about 6,000 years ago (Tao Healing 1). The word Taoism is derived from tuei meaning “pushing abnormality” and na – “taking out abnormality” (Tao Longevity 1). The combination of these words creates a meaning that involves “manual or implemental manipulation of meridian points to encourage, adjust and balance the natural functions of the three folds of the body” (Tao Longevity 1). Taoism has become popular not only in Eastern, but also in Western cultures. Thesis: Due to its simplicity, spontaneity and authenticity, Taoism complies with the modern people’s aspiration for healthy and sustainable living.

II. Main Body

History of Taoism

This paragraph explains how Taoism emerged in China and how it became popular in other countries, including Western ones. In this section, special attention is paid to deciphering the main concepts of Taoism, including Tao (“the way”) and wu wei (“do nothing”). The development of Taoism philosophy is traced in the context of Lao Tzu’s teaching (Yu-Hsi).

Vital Energy Theory

This section describes Vital Energy Theory that underlies Taoism philosophy. The main ideas of this theory are as follows: (1) energy circulates throughout the body and nurtures it; (2) energy circulates throughout meridians (Tao Longevity 1).

Taoism in Western Culture

This section aims at explaining why Taoism has become popular in Western cultures. It is assumed that the ideas of vital energy and natural forces resonate with western ideas of sustainable living. The section also traces the development of Taoism in Western culture and aims to examine whether the philosophy’s patterns have underwent substantial changes.

III. Conclusion

The main ideas are summarized. The section identifies whether the thesis has been confirmed. Recommendations for further study are provided.

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