The Role of Research in an Organization: From Theory to Practice example

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The Role of Research in an Organization: From Theory to Practice

The reflection papers usually provide with the great opportunity to reassess the previous experiences as well as to gain certain important insights. Within this paper I will briefly address how the course concepts have been reflected on practice and the way this experience has concerned as in individual, group and organizational dimensions. It should be stressed that within this assignment we have been limited to a number of processes. However, we learned about the importance of the strong organizational culture and its impact on the employees' performance and willingness to assist the clients. The positive organizational culture that is nurtured at the company definitely contributes to the low turnover rates as well as to the increased job satisfaction among the employees. Apart from that, this case has improved our understanding of the roles within the non profit organization as well as of the significance of the clear distribution of duties among the members of the board. It should also be asserted that the structure of the organization indeed largely depends on its form. Therefore, the non-profit organizations usually have the established supervising committee that ensures that its operations are
performed with compliance of the mission of the organization.
Within the framework of this assignment we have also learned about the stages of the organizational development on practice. The organization in question is definitely located at the higher stages of the development; yet, its employees assert that sometime they still have to pass the stage of norming, especially in the ever-changing world. Overall, we inferred that some of the concepts related to the organizational behavior need a revision in the view of the contemporary world and the changes that occur on everyday basis.

In terms of individual development and growth I have realized the importance that each of the employees or group members have for the success of the overall project. Moreover, the individual input and the engagement
of the staff on the whole is critical competitive advantage of any kind of enterprise regardless of its size or the area of operations. In terms of group, it should be stressed that the overall success and output depends
greatly on the cohesiveness of the team members as well as their readiness to invest into project. The group members should also agree on the leadership and the set of the rules that need to be followed by all. The
sanctions might be considered as well in order to ensure that the rules will be indeed followed. The roles need to be distributed together with the areas of responsibility. In certain ways, it echoes in organizations; however, the latter are usually more structured and their impact is more …

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