U.S. Constitution Laws and Judicial Power example

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U.S. Constitution Laws and Judicial Power

At present time the question of judicial power is the subject of wide speculation and it is necessary to examine the definite part of the supreme law of the USA.

Article III of the U.S. Constitution defines the power of the judicial branch of the Federal authority. The Federal judicial system consists of Supreme Court of the United States and lower courts, which are created by the Congress. The article determines the life term of Federal judges and prohibits the reduction of their salaries. Selection two fixes the general judicial powers and the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court as court of first instance and appellate court. In addition, this part establishes the necessity of conducting trial by jury in all cases, except cases about impeachment. The last selection gives the definition of High Treason and the punishment for it. And if the defendant committed a treasonable act, there must be at least two witnesses, who should testify in the court. ("U.S. Senate: a Constitution of the United States").

The most surprising thing is that the Constitution defines a treason as one of two acts: the conduct of the War against the United States or the aid to U.S. enemies. But I believed, that the assassination on a head of the state or when prominent public officials take decisions, which are at variance with interests of the country, have to be considered as the treason. So I deem, that the law-court needs to study this question depending on certain situations.

To sum up I would like to point out that Article Three of the Constitution of America explains the Federal judiciary and how it functions.


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