Visualization of Financial Information in Healthcare Discussion Forum example

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Visualization of Financial Information in Healthcare Discussion Forum

Response to Post #1:

Certainly, the benefits of representing information by applying to visual tools cannot be exaggerated, and in the considered post you manage to stress the core points in this regard. However, I assume some more specific points could be introduced while reviewing the perception of data by means of graphs, charts, and other types of the visual approach. For instance, it would be productive to add that a proper visualization assist in constituting an integrated view of an issue experienced by the audience (Sviokla, 2009). At the same time, you seem to underestimate the opportunities of visual aids in the financial context, which you concentrate on. Since the financial information is attributed with complex characteristics, much more developed techniques could be used to visualize it aside from those ones you mention. Specifically, 3D models or maps are recommended to be used to facilitate navigation when analyzing the economic situation in a certain region (Lux, n.d.)

Response to Post #2:

As far as the theoretical implications of your post are concerned, here you succeed in presenting the basic correlation between the data and the most appropriate way to deliver it by visual techniques. However, apart from mentioning traditional tools, you could have also emphasized the newly developed approaches, infographics in particular, taking into account various online platforms and software available (Rensch, 2013). At the same time, you briefly outline the crucial points to regard when creating visuals, namely the importance to create visuals and information in preserved synergy. Finally, the provided recognition of the need to implement new ways to deliver information in the healthcare field also deserves being noticed since now professionals frequently highlight that the comprehensible approach to present and illustrate data should remain an object of a high priority in the sphere (Miliard, 2016).


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