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What the Democratic Party Means to Me

Democracy in the current state is a system of government where the citizens have the power to make some significance influence on how a country is run by the government which they elect. In a democratic state like the United States of America, the democratic government is, therefore, one which allows the art of democracy among its members or citizens. This kind of government is best significant in the US. On the other hand, a Democrat is that individual who strongly supports democracy within the boundary of a given state.

Roles that Female Democrats have made

In the US, it has been proven that most women have an equivalent capability to exercise power just like their male counterparts. They display a significant potential to factor in a good level of intelligence and logics that can be applied in political leadership just like men can. The main question is the reason women in America are in short supply when it comes to political leadership in the US. However, it is undeniable that female Democrats in America have portrayed crucial roles that make them highly ranked as better leaders in the political arena and other job sectors because they have mastered perfectly the art of getting the job done. Comparing them with male politicians in the same niche, the Democrat women are highly recommendable leaders in various institutions owing to the fact that they have a very impressive level of coordinating work. This is an important role as it perceived to have a high capability to improve the way things are done in the US and hence increasing the level of its productivity within a snap of time.

Women Democrats have played a very significant role in reconstructing and maintaining peace in Liberia. Well since they are highly influential and admirable, American women who believe in democracy took the responsibility to restore and to maintain peace in Liberia. Though they faced a lot of challenges during the activity, the level of dedication and commitment that they displayed saw them through to the historic achievement that every author wants to talk about today. One factor that made it possible to record such an impressive success was the fact that women lead quite some ministries in the US, the ministry of Sports, Youth, gender and many others. They had to grab this opportunity to make a difference in Liberia which lacked peace for an extended duration.

The United States Institute of Peace held a meeting on 23rd of April 2007, to address the roles that women had played to restore peace in Liberia and some of the challenges they faced in the process. The most important thing is that the Democrat women made it in their walk for peace in Liberia that is something that they will be remembered for.

For a very long time to 2016, women of the United States of America have always voted for the Democrat presidential candidates …

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