Who are The Political Actors and What are Their Respective Interests? example

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Who are The Political Actors and What are Their Respective Interests?

The documentary of Martin Smith The Storm raised three questions that were topical in 2005 after Katrina Hurricane, particularly, why people of New Orleans were not evacuated in time, why they were left behind, and where the National Guard, army, and FEMA were. The main political actors of the events, occurred at that time were the President of the USA George W. Bush, the Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco, the Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin, US Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and the Director of FEMA Michael Brown. Their respective interests were mostly connected with blaming each other and trying to make excuses for the things that were not done during the devastating hurricane, and led to very serious consequences and losses of many people’ lives. The cost for being unprepared was too high, and the federal and local governments realized this when it was too late.

How does this article demonstrate the inner workings of government institutions? Is this representative of US culture? Why or why not?

The inner work of government institutions had failed. The reorganization of FEMA, done by George W. Bush, led to the situation when the agency, having appeared under the control of Homeland Security, was unable to take its decisions, the funding was reduced, and it was poorly led. Local and state officials failed to plan; they didn’t know exactly what they needed. The Governor sent confusing requests to Washington. The fail of communication system was the reason of people’ being unable to call 911 and ask for help. The US military waited too long, and as a result they had to save themselves also, because the biggest part of their equipment and technique appeared underwater. In spite of a planned evacuation, happened in New Orleans several days before the hurricane, many people were unable to leave the city. The government was indifferent to people who were mostly poor and black.

The impact of a political culture in this situation was huge. People waited for help from politicians and their expectation was no approved. After the storm the society requested answers why it took six days to have an adequate reaction on the disaster. The priority of a political side was obvious. During press conferences people were assured that everything was under control, while it was not reality in the fact. Michael Brown did not recognize the mistakes of FEMA, telling that they did not fail and the agency usually made mistakes during every disaster. The explanations of failures were mostly determined by bigger opportunities of a political culture.

Discuss the ways in which the political actors were impacted by the events described in the article. What is the impact on the greater community?

The catastrophe in the area of a hurricane, especially in New Orleans, was the result of not only a tragic concourse of circumstances, but also of …

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