"Willow" Movie by Ron Howard Review example

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"Willow" Movie by Ron Howard Review

Ron Howard’s film, “Willow” which was written by George Lucas is about a baby girl who was found floating in a river. The ones who found the baby girl are Ronan and Mims, who ae both children of Willow Ufgood. He is a dwarf who spends his time in the farm to produce livelihood. The family took the baby into their care until there is a dog that attacked their village. This is basically the storyline of the film and the original score was composed by James Horner and musical recording was mixed by Shawn Murphy. In chapter 1, in the beginning of the film, there is an orchestra and choir singing in the background, and then there is thunder. The thunder signals that “it is a time of the dread.” Then there is a rumbling thunder that can be heard which plays in the part where the baby is born before it starts to cry. Then, a woman cries and says: “She bears the mark” “NO!” The woman starts to sob and then the iron gate creeks while she is uttering the words “The omen is true; I must they my mother.” She cries for help because she knows that the people will kill her daughter. Dogs start to bark before the Queen enters the room and they snarl while the midwife runs off with the baby. There is the whistling sound of the wind, footsteps of the horse, and then an orchestra sings with a violin. The trumpet begins to play in the background while someone says “You cannot stop the prophecy!” Someone searches for the baby, the guard remains silent, then the Queen orders to kill the baby. The midwife goes to the rocky hill taking the baby with her.

In chapter of the movie, the music is composed by Elora Danan and James Horner. While the midwife walks through the snowy mountain, the sound of the snow can be heard before she reaches the other side of the mountain entering the forest. Midwife makes fire and sits down beside it to keep the baby warm. The baby smiles and laughs as she sees crickets and the midwife starts to run again with the baby because there are dogs howling and barking. The dogs chased them through the forest, and the midwife runs through the creek. The midwife starts panting for breath while the dogs are bellowing. While this is all happening, there is flute and orchestra playing. The baby floats down the river, crying and the dogs continue to bark as they attempt to run across the creek trying to catch the baby. The orchestra plays in high tempo while the dogs attack the midwife and she starts to yell. After the high tempo, there is softer tempo, and the water starts rushing through the river. While the choir sings, the dogs continue to howl and the birds chirp. The birds twitter while the baby is cooing as she makes her way …

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