Windows 2012 R2 Networking Lecture Speaker Notes example

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Windows 2012 R2 Networking Lecture Speaker Notes

Speaker Notes

Slide 9. How to Install DNS

Now we will consider the process of a Domain Name System installation, including the DNS Server Role. As a rule, additional management tools are also downloaded, with the exception of remote administration or organization policy restrictions (Tulloch, 2013). Finally, completion of the installation should be followed by the computer rebooting in order to avoid downtime. As a result, a new DNS Role cell will appear in the Server Manager.

Slide 10. How to Configure DNS

Actually, configuration files can be changed by the direct editing in Windows Server 2012. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use interface instruments to avoid errors, in particular, in the case of DNS integration with Active Directory (Carvalho, 2012). In the “Configure a DNS Server” wizard three options are suggested: configure a forward lookup zone only, create forward and reverse lookup zone, and configure root hints only (Minasi, 2013, p. 1574). As for selecting the respond to Dynamic Updates, it is recommended for organizations to allow only secure dynamic updates or to prohibit them at all.

Slide 11. Conclusions

Among the benefits of Windows Server 2012 R2 are its characteristics of Cloud support, improvements in virtualization, and extended internet services. It is the most favorable solution for small or medium businesses since it provides the organizations with flexibility, remote web-access, and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, DHCP and DNS settings offer system administrators to choose the most effective specific roles and features to optimize the functioning of their systems.


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