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Privacy Policy


In this section, we explain what information we collect about you as a Homework Lab user, how we store it, how and when we might share it, and how we use it.

What information does Homework Lab collect and why?

  • As you know, Homework Lab is a collaboration platform that connects students, graduates and educators around the globe.
  • Any information submitted by a User to Homework Lab will be stored in our database. We collect personal information which you provide to us directly through engaging with the website or by filling in your personal profile or when you interact with our representatives.
  • You can access and modify any information you provide via personal account. We urge you, however, to modify your data such as contact phone numbers with caution and submit only valid means of contact.
  • If you want to delete any data we have about you and erase your database record, please let us know via email support@homework-lab.com what data about you you want deleted (e.g., parts of your profile or your entire database record). We will address the issue within 24 hours and remove any data you want deleted.
  • We also collect personal information you share when you interact with service providers.
  • We collect any information that is necessary to process and fulfill your request. This information may include but is not limited to your email, your phone number, your name, your date of birth, or your gender.
  • We do not collect or access your bank account information. All transactions are processed by third-party services such as PayPal, and we do not have access to your information you chose to share with those services.
  • We receive data about you whenever you interact with Homework Lab, such as when you make purchases or conduct payments through Homework Lab.
  • When you upload things like photos or videos on Homework Lab, we may receive additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo or video.

What other information does Homework Lab receive about me?

We also receive depersonalized (not linked to your profile) information about you:

  • We receive data from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access Homework Lab, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include your IP address and other information about things like your internet service, location, the type (including identifiers) of browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your location information.
  • We only keep your location information until it is no longer useful to provide you services, like sending you relevant notifications.

Does Homework Lab collect my personal information if I am not a member and just visit the site?

We do not collect personal information about visitors to our website. If choose to visit our website without becoming a member, we might place session ID cookies on your computer with your consent.

How does Homework Lab use the information it collects?

Here’s what how we use the information we receive about you:

  • to complete your requests;
  • to keep Homework Lab safe and secure;
  • to deliver location-specific features, and communications;
  • to provide personalized content;
  • to serve you suggestions on what types of services might be interesting for you;
  • to protect Homework Lab’s and others’ property rights;
  • for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement;

Cookies, Pixels, other technologies we use

  • Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device.
  • Pixels are small blocks of code on webpages that do things like allow another server to measure viewing of a webpage and often are used in connection with cookies.
  • We use technologies like cookies, pixels, and local storage (like on your browser or device, which is similar to a cookie but holds more information) to provide and understand a range of products and services.

Cookies and pixels that we use to deliver relevant ads, track ad campaign performance and efficiency include, but are not limited to:

  • AdRoll
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yandex
  • Twitter

We use these technologies to do things like:

  • make Homework Lab easier or faster to use;
  • enable features and store non-personal information about you (including on your device or in your browser cache) and your use of Homework Lab;
  • deliver, understand and improve advertising;
  • monitor and understand the use of our products and services;
  • And to protect you, others and Homework Lab.

We may ask advertisers or other partners to serve ads or services to computers, mobile phones or other devices, which may use a cookie, pixel or other similar technology placed by Homework Lab or the third party (although we would not share any other information that identifies you with an advertiser).

Does Homework Lab disclose my information to other parties?

Homework Lab works with other parties to deliver you our services. We may share your personal information with third parties including but not limited to:

  • Homework Lab representatives who process your requests. Each representative is bound by a confidentiality agreement and is not allowed to share any of your data or use it with a malicious intent.
  • Students receive general information about Tutors before they choose to request their services. Tutors decide on the type of information they want to make available to students.
  • Agencies engaged in industry analysis and demographic profiling that aim to deliver targeted advertising about other products and services. However, all information shared with such agencies is aggregated and does not identify you directly.
  • Government or law enforcement agencies, or private parties, as required by law when/or, in our sole discretion, we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our legal rights, or those of third parties and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on us.
  • Our advertising partners. We only provide data to our advertising partners or customers after we have removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people’s data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.