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An Interview with Famous People

This paper is a recording of an interview with four famous people. The people who have influenced American history and had influence on its further flow agreed to answer some questions regarding their views on the events of past, present, and future of the country. The interviewees are Martin Luther King Jr., Lyndon B. Johnson, Rosa Parks and Oprah Winfrey. The people chosen for the interview have different color of skin, gender, profession, and lifestyle. However, they have a lot in common and it is their active life position, high moral values, and constant urge to seek the truth no matter how it might look.

An Interview with Martin Luther King Jr., Lyndon B. Johnson, Rosa Parks and Oprah Winfrey

Question 1: The first question or rather an invitation is to introduce yourself. Please, tell us who you are.

Martin Luther: My name is Martin Luther King Junior. However, my real name from birth was Michael King Jr. but I like my father adopted a new name of Protestant religious leader Martin Luther. I was born in 1929 in Atlanta in Georgia State. I am a minister in Martin Luther King Church and Civil Rights activist. I think many people know me by my famous speech “I have a dream” delivered in 1964 (“Martin Luther King Jr. Biographies”).

Lyndon Johnson: Let me introduce myself: my name is Lyndon Baines Johnson. After John F. Kennedy was assassinated I became the next president of the country. I am the 36th President of the USA serving the position from 1963 till 1969. Before my presidency I was elected a Vice President in 1960. I am known for initiating a number of social service programs named “Great Society” (Lyndon B. Johnson Biography). In addition, it was me who signed the Civil Rights Act into the Law. However, I am also criticized for involving the country into the Vietnam War.

Rosa Parks: My name is Rosa Parks. I was born and grew up in 1913, Tuskegee, Alabama State like Martin Luther Jr. Many people know me as civil rights activist in the movement for racial equality (Parks & Huskins 6).

Oprah Winfrey: My name is Oprah Gail Winfrey. I think most if not all American people know me because of my TV programs such as “People are Talking”, A.M. Chicago” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. I was also born and raised in rural area like other interviewees here. I was born in 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi (“Oprah Winfrey Biography”). I am known as the most influential woman and the richest African American woman of the 20th century.

Question 2: Could you please tell us a little about your childhood, early years and education?

Martin Luther: I grew up in rural area of Georgia. I am not the only child in my family as I have an elder sister and a younger brother. At the …

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