Analysis of China's National Image In Media Discourse In The United States example

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Analysis of China's National Image In Media Discourse In The United States

National image is a complex system of thoughts, views, attitudes, perceptions and persuasions concerning a country in world arena. In the circumstances of modern globalized world, national image of a state has become one of the key indexes in international relations, which affect other countries’ foreign policy in regards to it. When evaluating a national image of a country, modern scientists use framing analysis, based on a specific public perceptions theory. Framing theory is a scientific approach, which considers that modern communication can be studied within the limits of public worldviews and popular assumptions concerning an object of a research (Kuypers, D’Angelo, 2010). In this paper, analysis of national image of China in modern media discourse of the United States is proposed.

The first frame is that China wishes for becoming a new world superpower, constantly spreading its political, economic, and cultural influence in every region of our planet. As a geopolitical struggle for influence is a common feature in Chinese-United States relations, American media tend to describe China’s geopolitical actions in a negative way. Here is how Kevin Gallagher, a professor at Boston University's Pardee School of
Global Studies, described China’s influencing Latin America at Foreign Policy’s website: “Luckily for the United States’ southern neighbors, over the past decade Latin America has found a new major trading partner: China.
With economic ties with the United States more uncertain than ever, Latin America would do well to solidify those ties with China” (Gallagher, 2017).

In addition, the professor criticized new American foreign policy approach, proposed by Donald Trump, considering it standstill. The author of the article considers it false and causing loss of the United States’ influence in the region, which harms it significantly: “What is more, China’s appetite for Latin American oil and minerals increased environmental degradation and social conflict across the region” (Gallagher, 2017). Here
we can see a frame of China, as a global actor, which interferes other countries for the purpose of profit, spoils their economy and causes …

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