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Apple Inc. Innovation and Image

Working Bibliography

Amit, R., & Zott, C. (2012). Creating value through business model innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 53(3), 41- 49.

The scholars explore the business models and innovative practices implemented by Apple corporation as the new approach to music distribution and incorporation of the latest software and hardware in the products of the company. These strategies ensure the competitive positions of the brand in ever-changing digital market space. The distribution channels of Apple are also vital in the strategic planning and innovations enforcement of the company.

Chikhale, M. M., & Mansouri, M. (2015). An Agile and Collaborative Framework for Effective Governance to Enhance Management in Large-Scale Enterprise Business Systems: The Case of Apple Inc. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 16(3), 283-293.

Chikhale & Mansouri concentrate on the examination of Apple Inc. case, stating that the company actively implements quick ad-hoc strategies. The scholars are convinced that consistent value creation of Apple corporation is achieved through the collaborative approach, effective management, and professional governance of the operations activity of the company. These features lay a foundation for a consistent competitive advantage.

Cleff, T., Fischer, L., Sepulveda, C. J., & Walter, N. (2010). How global are global brands? An empirical brand equity analysis. Beiträge der Hochschule Pforzheim, 136, 1-122.

Cleff, Fischer, Sepulveda, & Walter investigate the brand image of Apple company in different countries. The authors explore the brand image perceptions by Apple iPod users in Germany and Mexico, noting that although Apple is a global brand, the discrepancies still exist due to the differentiated approaches of Apple to the target market in each country.

Cusumano, M. A. (2010). Staying power: Six enduring principles for managing strategy and innovation in an uncertain world (lessons from Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Toyota and more). New York: Oxford University Press.

The book written by Cusumano provides its readers with a multidimensional vision of the management strategies enforced by Apple corporation, comparing the company with the most powerful business tycoons in the digital industry. The author marks the strive of Apple for optimization, customization, and betterment of the external characteristics of the product, as the company has always been known for its exquisite designs and advanced technologies incorporated in its products.

Daeyoup, K., & Jaeyoung, K. (2015). Business model innovation through value delivery differentiation: Multiple case studies. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(21), 1-7.

Daeyoup & Jaeyoung explain the reasons of the strong image of Apple corporation and the success of the brand. The authors claim that the company’s own distribution channels, application platforms, and original content create the value and the positive perceptions of the company’s products in consumers. These innovative strategies differentiate the corporation from its competitors.

Heracleous, L. (2013). Quantum strategy at Apple Inc. Organizational Dynamics, 42(2), 92-99.

Heracleous explores the strategies harnessed to boost the brand image of Apple company. The scholar is convinced that the pillars of the positive brand perceptions are the efficiency in operations, exceptional innovations, and addictive product designs. These features attract the consumers of the brand, expanding its target market …

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