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Artist Statement

The project ‘Stars’ was inspired by the human interest in stars that was present throughout the history. People have always wondered what was above the stars and how humans could reach them. Therefore, people would make stories about stars, imagining their incredible powers of making someone rich or bringing luck. There also appeared different myths about the origins of stars and their purpose – like their goal of watching people and their deeds. Stars are also known for being an endless source of inspiration, therefore in the project, they are depicted in various colors, as people and especially artists can be inspired to create various incredible things by looking at the same stars and seeing something personal in them.

We started our project with cutting 120 stars with help of cookie cutter to make them even. The central object of the composition is a bigger star, which was hand-made. The work with clay took approximately four hours. After we finished cutting and smoothing all the stars, the next step was to glaze them in different colors. The main goal in glazing was to be very careful with coloring, so the color is evenly distributed on each star without any stains. It took around four hours as well, to finish the glazing process. The final stage of our project was to glue the stars on the stairs in a planned shape. We decided to put the stars in the shape of a comet with a big star as the nucleus. After five hours of gluing stars, we finished our ‘Star’ project. The location was chosen for a reason, people who would walk the stairs and see stars would feel like they are reaching their goals step by step, and perhaps realize, that following your dreams may be easy, just like taking the …

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