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Tesla Inc. Research Paper


A high level of innovation has rocked the automobile industry leading to products of high technology at a reasonable price. Tesla has over the years focused on producing highly improved products in relation to technology. These electric cars as per the company rely on the business ethics, social responsibility, the management of the production process and processes involved and the strategies involved in the distribution of the products. The company has paid attention to each of these with an aim of improving its positioning on the market further increasing its market abilities. The research below focuses on discussing the company based on various aspects as introduced above.

Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

Contemporary Ethical Environment

The success of Tesla is highly associated with its business ethics through which it has enabled its employees to identify right and wrong. It has improved the moral behavior of the employees and their judgments hence giving a practical aspect that has helped in improving the product quality. According to Bunnin & Tsui-James, (2003), human in a work environment are an essential ingredient to achieving the objectives of the company. The presence of many humans at the work place calls for the presence of a desired conduct to facilitate relations. The desired conduct then defines the work ethics build in the environment which further affects the company positively. The implementation of these in the Tesla business environment has contributed to the success the company enjoys leading to improved sales and customer satisfaction with the high quality and innovative products yielding.

Acting Responsibly To Satisfy Safety

In ensuring safety, the company needs to develop as a good corporate citizenship that affects its decisions on safety and responsibilities positively. Good corporate citizenship entails keeping to the established standards of safety and ensuring the company products provide no harm to the environment and its habitats. It dwells on minimizing the effect that the company could possibly have on the environment or the society. The case of Volkswagen on cheating the emissions test is an example of poor corporate citizenship or unethical conduct in business (Mansouri, 2016). Tesla has focused on ensuring it meets all the provided standards on safety to ensure it does not only produce cars conducive for the environment but also participates in other Corporate Social Responsibilities that promote safety. Its venturing into electric cars was aimed at reducing the effect that vehicles have on the environment. Continued innovation on the same is also focused on attaining this objective.

Concern for Ethical and Society Issues

Bunnin & Tsui-James, (2003) assert that the level of control that humans have over the environment has facilitated their consideration of business ethics and development of judgment used in making decisions on what is right and wrong. Building a successful business involves focus on concerns for ethical and society issues through the application of good citizenship exhibited through Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). It is based on these that the corporation is able to address societal …

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