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Aviation Personal Statement

I have chosen a pilot profession as one of my possible lives. It obliges to work many hours a week, but it is extremely interesting because it gives an opportunity to visit many countries and meet interesting people.

I have picked this life because I have a great passion for flying. I find it thrilling and exciting. Moreover, due to their responsibilities, pilots have to travel a lot. It is a great advantage of this job: only few profession encourage to travel as much as pilots do. The pilots also visit many countries, which gives them an opportunity to become acquainted with various different cultures. They also meet lots of interesting people. In addition, the average salary is more than 100,000 dollars a year, which is a very good salary in terms of such an expensive country as the United States. This is the major advantage of being a pilot. That is why I have picked the life of a pilot.

Nevertheless, pilots have to work about 50-60 hours during the week. It means that they are away from their homes. At the same time, they work only hundred hours a month, which means that they can spend this time with their families, but such a schedule does not give a chance to settle own constant lifestyle: pilots spend a very limited time with their families. Due to this problem, it is hard for them to find any permanent friends. Therefore, the life of a pilot has its disadvantages as well.

As a conclusion, the life of a pilot is very exciting and rewarding for those who want to gain new experience by my meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Despite the uncomfortable schedule, the life of a pilot is extremely …

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