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Social Changes Impact

The life on our planet transforms every day. The world changes and all of the shifts happening, always affect each social structure, whether it`s an entire country or just one single person. Economical, political and cultural issues make a huge impact on our life and set the way of existence for generations to come.There are three main theories of social changes: the decline, or as some call it degeneration, the theory of cyclic changes and the concept of permanent progress. All of these ideas have their display in our society since the dawn of the Roman Empire, and throughout the history there was no dominant among those theories.

After the Second World War, which was the peak of the decline cycle, we entered into the time of changes. Fast technological progress and the first launch into space alongside with the first moon-landing, were contiguous with the Cold War and high social inequality. Uncertainty and instability continued up to the late 1980`s when the ideological rivalry between the western and the eastern world officially ended, making a good environment for the positive social changes and cultural international integration.

All of the political shifts affect social condition, which makes an impact on the life of the ordinary people. Family types and the way of their lives changed through the history and are generally divided into pre-modern and modern families. Social influence on the family is displayed through the roles that are separated between the members, and the amount of responsibilities of the husband, wife and their children.The modern family started to form under the pressure of globalization and science. The most considerable quality of the modern family is the emotional link between the wife and the husband. This quality distinguishes today`s family from its past forms, where marriage was perceived in terms of the essential social status.The dominant value of the modern family is satisfaction, because the main condition for its formation is love.

A natural need of a woman to have children and domestic comfort is also one of the defining aspects. It is proven by the number of researches, that family relationships are much stronger and binding than the others, that`s why modern families are often referred to psychological. Important part of the satisfaction is monogamy, which is a basis for mental gratification between the couple, where nobody wants to share the object of his inner pleasure with somebody else.There is also a new concept of relationships between the parents and their children now. It means “Parents owe children” and not the other way round. It totally depends on parents, how they will rear and educate their child, because only they are responsible for what kind of person their kid will become. Of course, parents have some economic and cultural expectations of their children, when they reach certain point of their lives. But, again – it`s up to them, whether their kid will be able to meet the expectations due to …

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