Business Plan for Food Delivery and Medication Delivery Service: “Rx Kitchen” example

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Business Plan for Food Delivery and Medication Delivery Service: “Rx Kitchen”

Executive Summary

Rx Kitchen is the company that provides food and drug delivery services to patients with chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension). Company’s services include consultation of pharmacist and nutritionist, individual choice of a meal plan in accordance with medical prescriptions and customer preferences, delivery of fresh, tasty and healthy food, and a monthly visit of a nutritionist. Flexible delivery schedule and convenient location will satisfy the needs of each client. Company’s target customers have very special needs and Rx Kitchen will be able to meet the demand by providing professional support and high-class services. From the choice of meals plan to the personal assistance of medical professionals, the company aims to improve the health condition of the local community and will bring new customers by word of mouth.

Rx Kitchen will be located in San Clemente, CA. This area has a number of food delivery services though these companies do not provide full comprehensive medical assistance, which is required by patients with chronic diseases. John Smith is the owner of Rx Kitchen and has worked in the healthcare industry for the past five years. He has created a food delivery company to fill a need he has seen in delivery services provided to people with chronic conditions. He has the responsibility to introduce the new service to the patients and will be responsible for leadership and control in all aspect of business operations.

Patients with chronic conditions are the primary customers. Secondary customers include pregnant women, young mothers, and athletes. The aim of the marketing campaign is to inform these target audiences about new service and convince them of benefits of Rx Kitchen. The implementation of the new project will take approximately one month. Start-up will require $13,000 of capital, which will be provided by the founder of the company. Rx Kitchen has to sell about 686 monthly packages per month or 23 packages per day for the company to succeed. The revenue projection for the first couple years revealed that the company will suffer losses during the first year of operation. Nevertheless, during the second year, the company will receive profit, which will reach is maximum during the fourth year of operation.

Business Description

Service Description

The impact of pharmacists on the health of community goes beyond just the medications that are dispensed and counseled on. Pharmacists often educate and provide information to patients about diet but do not have an immediate active role. Rx Kitchen is a B2C company that will provide the counseling on medication therapies and also assists with the diet. The goal of the company is to improve patient health through medication adherence and to make healthy eating convenient for patients. It is vital for the company to educate patients regarding proper diets. The aim of Rx Kitchen is to improve patient health through medication adherence and to make healthy eating convenient for patients.

There are a number of start-ups …

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