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Businesses and Marketing Comparison

Perhaps it might seem strange that we are comparing four so very different companies here. From General Electric which is a multinational conglomerate operating in the power business segment, aviation, healthcare, transportation, energy, consumer appliances, and capital, to Henry Schein that prides itself as the world’s largest healthcare product and service provider, and then moving on to GoPro which is a world renowned portable videography and imaging products specialist and finally stopping at Nike where everyone knows is a leader in athletic wear, footwear, and equipment. Although their business operating processes and goals are all very different from each other, they share a common practice, which is to ensure that they always carry out great marketing and corporate communication in order to effectively reach out to their target audiences and customers.

It is a well-known fact that a business will cease to exist if they do not advertise and market themselves so that customers will be aware of their existence, especially in an age where competition is so intense. Businesses will go to great length in order to survive and make handsome profits. Let us first analyze General Electric. The management of the company always believe in delivering lower prices for its products in effort to expand their market to as many consumers around the world, especially on its healthcare products that are sold at a significantly reduced price compared to the market in order to benefit customers in need of medical relief. Where possible, General Electric will charge an initial premium on new technologies which is justifiable as there are high costs of research associated in developing these technologies. The company’s tagline, “we bring good things to life”, oftentimes remind the market of the quality and diversity associated with the brand. Although already popular, the company never forgets to maintain a lasting relationship with its clients through the use of mass email marketing to maintain broadcasts commercials on television. It also has regional offices in virtually every continent on the globe in order to serve its international clientele more efficiently.

Moving on to Henry Schein, although the firm has more than a million customers around the world ranging from governmental organizations to normal health practitioners, it never ceases to continuously sell their product at very competitive prices, made possible by utilizing cost-effective purchasing. It builds its popularity from direct sales and marketing techniques through mass distribution of promotional materials. Although the company does not carry out television marketing as their client base is too specific, Henry Schein actually employs telemarketers and tele-salesmen to ensure fast and efficient customer service.

As for GoPro, it strategically positioned itself as a photography and videography equipment to look for if a person loves extreme sports and the outdoors. What makes GoPro products unique is their extremely high quality, waterproof ability, high speed connectivity to any other devices, quality photo shooting, as well as extremely small sizes light weights. Besides selling its products at reasonable prices, GoPro also relies heavily on content …

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