The Use of the Mobile Application to Communicate example

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The Use of the Mobile Application to Communicate

Since the group members had different schedules, some things went as we planned while others did not confirm our plans. The things that conformed to our plans helped the group to move forward while those that did not conform did create tensions in the group. However, it is possible to point out that there are issues we could do well than we did to avoid the challenges that the group went through.The use of the mobile application worked well for the team because it helped to create a platform where all the team members can communicate and share ideas regarding meetings and assignments. For example, the team leader could suggest the time for us to meet and post it on the group application.

Given that the mobile application was available on every student's mobile telephone, it is was possible to access the information and propose changes to the meeting time. Notably, our able group leader worked well for the group. The team leader, Angelo Cedano had proper communication and organizing skills that he used to make the group set the goals and work towards achieving them. For instance, Cedano asserted that every group member had an equal stake in the group and as such could participate in making decisions for the group. Moreover, he organized the group by adjusting the schedule to fit the majority of the group members. At the beginning of the semester, certain things went wrong and as a result, the group could not achieve its objectives. For example, disagreements among the group members led to the team failing to hold meetings thereby derailing the process of tackling the tasks. Moreover, we had not elected an able leader at the beginning of the semester and as such coordinating that group was a problem. Additionally, the majority of the team members did not want to take the responsibility of a group leader.

Therefore, the group was operating under confusion because there was no leader who could give the group a direction to focus on while undertaking the team's tasks.Another challenge was in selecting the group leader where some members did not believe in Cedano. As a result, there was opposition in getting a leader. For instance, some members did express fear that the director could work to impress his friends while others though that Cedano had flexible schedule that he could use to inconvenience the group. However, the current situation proves that the team leader has all qualities of leading our team to realize the objectives and perform well in our studies.

Although the mobile application enabled the group members to communicate frequently, it is noteworthy that we could have done better to boost our communication. For instance, the leader could have volunteered to call all the members to inform them of the changes in the schedule. Telephone communication could have facilitated much understanding than we had in the group as the group members …

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