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Case Study Report - "Sue"


The aim of the paper is to provide a report on Sue’s case study in compliance with the main steps of the case management proposed by Gursansky, Hravey and Kennedy (2003). It includes the following parts: intake phase, assessment, and planning of service which should help Sue cope with her problems and improve her welfare. In the intake part the important information about Sue’s case will be summarized. Then, the presenting issues will be selected and presented in the assessment section.

The influence of these issues on Sue’s life will be discussed. After that, the strengths will be analyzed and the outline of the plan for delivery of the service will be proposed. The plan includes main resources whose participation will be important for Sue’s welfare improvement. Finally, the case management process will be summarized and analyzed within a social justice and human rights perspective. Client-centred and a strengths-based approaches are applied to the case study report development in order to provide a person with “multiple, complex” needs “with a mix of personal health and welfare supports and services” that will allow her to gain “the optimal independent personal and social functioning” (Moore, 2009).

Intake Phase

The intake phase is vital for building trustful relationship between the case manager and the client. It gives an opportunity to screen the information about the user, presents the necessary information about the agency, and attracts a client with service (Gursansky et al, 2003).

The intake phase includes engagement and relationship parts. During the engagement Sue completed the personal information about her case in the form given by the case manager. The information given by the client is presented in the form in the Appendix 1. As a case manager, I provided her with help by explaining what it was necessary to write in each part of the form. An active engagement of a case worker during the intake stage helps reduce a negative attitude of the client to the service, since customers are unlikely to trust the service workers as they consider that case managers will interfere their life aggressively by judging their actions and giving irritating advices (Gursansky et al, 2003). Consequently, it was necessary for me to build friendly and warm relationship which would make Sue feel safe, since it was the major factor for effective collaboration between the case manager and the client in the future (Moore, 2009). In order to establish the genuine relationships, favorable informal atmosphere was created in the service. Besides, I was focused only on Sue’s life particular circumstances without giving comparison with other similar cases and conditions and without general statements about the most common methods of support and intervention (Gursansky et al, 2003).

The problem is that clients who come to services require attention to their particular life. They would only confront if they knew that the service had already managed thousands of the similar issues (Gursansky et al, …

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