Evaluating Application of Principles and Ideas Drawn from Leadership and Management Theories in Contemporary Organisational Settings example

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Evaluating Application of Principles and Ideas Drawn from Leadership and Management Theories in Contemporary Organisational Settings

Table of Contents


II.Leadership and Management Theories in Contemporary Organisational Setting

Development of Leadership Theory

Classical Leadership and Management Theories

Human Relations Leadership and Management Theories

Overview of the Selected Organization

Application of Classical Leadership and Management Approaches in Sony Corporation

Application of Human Relations Leadership and Management Approaches in Sony Corporation




The academic research of management has been developed in its significance in the course of the last two centuries. The development of the scientific interest to this discipline can be explained by the important role that management play in the contemporary environment. The modern society has developed very complex relationships, which resulted in the development of complicated systems. These systems are manifested in the political, economic, social and legal spheres of contemporary life. The stability, efficiency and effectiveness of these systems influences all the people living in this environment. Therefore, the role of management becomes more considerable, since the functioning of the systems depends on effective leadership. Effective management provides benefits for every organization, where it is applied, including the internal and the external stakeholders of this organization. In such a way the demand for research in the sphere of management and leadership is growing and many scientists devote considerable effort conducting time and fund consuming experiments to identify the ways to improve management. The demand for management research caused emergence of various theories related to this field.

The diverse scientific effort provided multi-aspect perspectives on the effective management and the role of leader in an organization. The concept of leadership was defined differently in the course of leadership theory development. Various researchers provided different vision of leadership as the contemporary social relations developed in the course of time. Much research was connected with the current condition of society observed by the scientists. After a certain period of time these views became incomplete describing only one aspect of organizational management or not taking into consideration new forms of organizations, which emerged after the research was made. The practical application of the theories showed that there is no universal theory, which could encompass all the dimensions of a successful management.

Therefore, organizations all over the worlds adopted certain parts of the management and leadership knowledge, which exists in the contemporary world. Various theories and concepts were adopted for performing specific tasks in the organizational setting. As these concepts were adopted, there undergo practical testing, which identified the best management and leadership theories constituting the framework of the contemporary …

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