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Changing For My Kid Article Review and Questions

Task: Please read the posted article Changing for My Kid. What rationale did the researcher provide for choosing a qualitative approach to their inquiry and, specifically, phenomenology?

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The researcher justifies the use of qualitative approach to their inquiry by explaining how it develops a trustworthy environment with participants and makes participants feel more important and influential. Moreover, qualitative research and, specifically, phenomenology was used because it is exceptionally useful at gathering detailed depictions of various life experiences, which is an effective method of collecting and analyzing information about those adolescent fathers.

While describing the phenomenological approach, the authors of this article write, “Husserl also considered context as a source of meaning rather than as a source of contamination” (p. 371). How do you understand this phrase? (Think about our discussions of control and validity in quantitative research and a different approach to the investigation in qualitative research).

Type your response here: The phrase suggests that context could potentially provide a great deal of background information and details about the participant’s life, which would be usually considered a “contamination” or a type of bias in quantitative research, since various aspects of each participant’s context are unique to them. However, in qualitative research context can also be recognized as a source of meaning, because it depicts participant’s unique life experiences and environment, which can provide crucial information for future analysis.

How did the author address the validity issues in this study?

Type your response here: The validity issues in this study were addressed by discussing the method of multiple interviews. Interviewing participants multiple times over a period of time increases the trustworthiness of results, because each interview provides researcher with a deeper insight of participant’s current life events and experiences. Moreover, on the third interview the participants were asked to analyze and reflect upon the researcher’s findings from the previous interviews, which also strengthened the validity of the study.

The “Results” section does not feature numbers, graphs, percentages or statistical tests. Instead, we read through extensive narratives of the study’s participants. Could we learn what we have learned from a quantitative study on the same topic? Explain.

Type your response here: It is most likely that we could not have learned the same amount of information on this topic if a quantitative approach was chosen for this study. The quantitative study on the same topic would have provided us with statistics and certain correlations; however it would not have given us any crucial details about participant’s life experiences. Moreover, the quantitative approach provides results that would not demonstrate the deeper analysis of embracing fatherhood.

Read A Grounded Theory Study Of The Bereavement Experience for Adults With Developmental Disabilities. In brief, what do we learn about the bereavement experiences from the results and how do these results further inform counseling practice?

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