City Culture and Urban Planning Assignment: Savannah Georgia example

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City Culture and Urban Planning Assignment: Savannah Georgia

Week 3 1. Describe the urban planning that affected your city. Did it follow any of the urban planners: Daniel Burnham and his “City Beautiful movement” or Ebenezer Howard’s “Garden City movement”; or Frank Lloyd
Wright’s Broadacre City; or Le Corbusier’s Radiant City.

The urban planning that affected Savannah city is distinguished from the colonial towns that were previous by the repeated pattern on the neighborhoods that were connected. There are a lot of squares, design expansions and streets into these lands that are held by the city. It could be considered as a unique in the urban planning history in a number of different respects, the least of them are squares that allow an open space in Savannah than in a layout of any city (Goodheart, 2014).

I think that this city followed mostly Le Corbusier’s Radiant City because its plan is similar to the most to such kind of plans. The basic plan is a ward of 600 feet for a side in the direction of the north-south and 540 feet as to 600 feet in the eastern-west direction. The streets and some buildings are organized on a central square or open space. The wards were organized originally as some urban neighborhoods with a correlation to the farm and garden in expanded plan system of Oglethorpe (Derek, 2015).

2. Who were the key players in the urban development of your city?

The key players in the urban development of my city were various. For example, an architect Robert Castell, who is a friend of Oglethorpe, died in a prison for the debtor in London, England soon. He provided a founder
of Georgia with his plan inspiration. In his book, Villas of the Ancient Illustrated he was citing the Roman architect Vitruvius principles that were reflected directly in the design of Oglethorpe. The other theories
were crediting some garden design from the estates of George II and a new London plan that was devised after a fire of 1666 that influenced a design of Savannah city.

3. What are the historical geographies of restructuring in your city?

The historical geographies of restructuring in my city are different. For example, the African American memory should be considered as an important one. Their commemorative experience is one where the politics of
forgetting/remembering have a relevance. American and southern public history was narrated in the ways that were marginalizing and not ignoring the contributors, memories, and struggles of the African Americans. The
politics of slavery remembering have some accompanying efforts for the Movement for Civil Rights with a desire in the African Americans part to come to terms and memorialize with the African-Americans historical
narratives, the slavery history and the Middle Passage that brought the African tribes to the Americas (Schein, 2016).

3. What were the key urban changes in your …

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