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The Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a light drug that can be seen in two ways as the medicine to help those in pain and as a way for unwinding. Furthermore, with a possible legalization of marijuana, it has become a controversial issue with people who support and discard the idea. What is more, legalization of marijuana has some advantages and disadvantages in terms of economics and health welfare. First of all in terms of economics, the legalization of marijuana might mean a number of legal actions and changes to the law, which in turn leads to a lot of expenses. Furthermore, in order to enforce the legalization and to make sure that all of the outlets are working above the board some substantial work should be carried out by the police force. Therefore, the workload of the police offices will definitely not only be decreased, but might as well increase. Moreover, the customers of outlets will need some identification leading to additional paperwork and further increase in official workload. Despite the aforementioned minuses of legalization of marijuana, the obvious benefits are the profits that the state or the country’s budgets are to gain from the sale of marijuana.

The legalized points of sale, as any other outlet, have to pay taxes and therefore bring profits for the local budgets, which could add up to as much as $9 billion. Furthermore, one should also calculate the possible savings due to the absence of the need to regulate the illegal sale of marijuana that could also bring the profits to the local governments of up to $13 billion a year. () Therefore, the eventual benefits outweigh the drawbacks making legalization of marijuana rather profitable for the government.Health care system has investigated the benefits of marijuana for people, who are suffering from cancer. Furthermore, the treatment of cancer quite often uses marijuana as a painkiller after the chemotherapy as it alleviates the side effect of the aforementioned treatment.

What is more, legal marijuana has a great potential in terms of further research of possible uses in treatment of other terminal diseases or at the very least to eliminate the side effects. On the other hand, the opposition for the legalization of marijuana states that the availability of marijuana could lead to an increase in the cases drug addiction. Furthermore, as a possible downside of marijuana use is the consequence and negative outcome on the cognitive abilities of people and their children What is more, the abuse of any drug even as light as marijuana can have harmful effect on those addicted to it. However, having marijuana controlled means that people will have access to the drugs that are less hallucinate and more useful in terms of medical treatment.

Furthermore, people with drug addictions willing to stop the dangerous habit could use marijuana as the first stepping-stone. In conclusion, there are a lot of downsides to legalization of marijuana including those that could be …

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