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Communication Barriers

The first type of barrier to good communication is a barrier between sender and receiver. The main aim of communication is that the message must be passed and received correctly without changes. People usually hear what they want or expect instead of real information and it often brings us to wrong conclusions. That is why the sender must research his audience and choose the correct manner of communication according with the goal of his message.

So the communicator must take into account the age, the gander and cultural differences. Also the receiver may have some physical disabilities such as sight, hearing and speech problems which complicate the process of communication. High motivation plays the great role in successful communication. If the receiver is motivated and interested in information the sender has more chances to reach his goal. But we must be careful with our expressions because, for example, not all people use jargon and our emotions, because some people prefer expressive speech and the other hate noise. Everybody of us faces the problem of barriers within the organization. It can happen when we get a new job. The first is we have to take into account the organizational policy and climate. There are two types of communication in organization formal and informal. And mostly it is difficult for employees to understand which type of communication he can use when he meets with an employer in informal situations (at the café, restaurant etc.).

Talking about barriers in organizations we must take into account the human factor. It brings us such barrier as filtering. It means that workers like to tell their managers the information what their bosses want to hear instead of real facts. In such a way the people at the top never receives the objective data. Also at this type of barrier as at the barrier between sender and receiver we must take into account the physical, semantic and emotional problems.


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