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Comparison of 2 Guest Speakers

As students of marketing, we are in line to face the challenges of an increasingly digital industry when we step out into our jobs and careers. Thus, not only does it make complete sense to have real people with real experience come and talk to us, but it seems necessary, given the uncertainty and variety of marketing strategies which we will have to use to greatest effect to drive our companies’ sales. I think there were quite a few points to take away from the two guest speakers we had the pleasure of hosting in our Business 117 class.

The perspective of speakers from the sales and/or marketing industry is a source of ideas and also a good way of understanding the vagaries of sales and marketing. When knowledge is put to the test in the practical world, results are the only measurable factor that make or break a strategy. The results and their associated learning that these speakers experienced can be of help to us when we are called upon to make decisions when we are in our own corporate careers. While it may be true that no two situations are exactly alike, knowing similar previous cases and the way they were best handled to produce the best possible outcome can be a good guiding rope in making decisions. Another factor that works in favor of having guest speakers is that more knowledge is always preferable to ignoring what anyone has to say, because even in the worst case scenario, all one has to do is disregard the irrelevant things and retain only the important points delivered by the speaker.

Apart from giving us real life examples and advice, guest speakers can also act as mentors for those students who identify with the career path or the mental outlook of the speaker. Networking online and offline should be a part of every business student’s knowledge, and we should start getting used to the idea of developing long lasting professional relationships with people.

The first speaker gave us quite a candid account of his experiences, both bitter and sweet, in matters regarding personal, professional and financial success. Using the popular adage that the journey is more important than the destination, he explained his point of view about defining what ‘success’ is. In his own words, success is the “progress towards a worthy goal”. I appreciated how he left the goal undefined, because everyone has different goals at an individual level. For example, as he explained further, a personal goal might be a relationship, a professional goal might be a promotion, and a financial goal could be as simple as your next paycheck. The crucial point according to the speaker was to appreciate the progress one makes in pursuit of the goal, rather than the expected returns from one’s efforts in achieving that goal.

Next, in true blue management-speak, he laid out the SMART way of setting goals for oneself. The acronym is made …

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