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Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies within the relationship between corporations, governments, and individual citizens. The CSR concept is concerned with the relationship of company and the local society and environment. However, there is no agreed definition for the concept (Crowther & Aras, 2008). Naturally, throughout the evolution of the concept, it has changed some of its approaches. So, Milton Friedman (1970) argued that there is the only social responsibility of a company- to use the resources and engage activities in increasing profits, whilst staying in the legal framework. Milton’s paper was widely debated and nowadays is perceived as contrary to the actual CSR concept. However, corporations that adopt CSR concepts are also receiving benefits in form of positive social recognition.

The Xerox Company is one of the bright examples of CSR implementation. Since 1974 the company supports the program by which more than 500000 Xerox employees have been involved in regional, community-based projects. In 2013, Xerox Foundation invested more than a 1.3$ million in the Community Involvement Program. One of the Xerox Science Programs was emerged to send its scientifically educated employees into elementary schools to teach science to young scholars.

Tyson Company has committed its brand to efforts to relieve and ultimately end childhood hunger, whilst integrating social media into its commitment. One of the extraordinary efforts was when the company has launched a campaign in Austin, in which it sent 100 pounds of chicken to the Capital Area Food Bank for every comment posted on the blog. Including such entertaining programs, Tyson has donated 100 million pounds of food for 15 years.

Nowadays companies that adopt CSR policies are able to get benefits in for of creating a brand image. In fact, each company that adopts CSR policies practices has to highlight the progress using social media, as it did Xerox and Tyson.


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