Consequences of Technology Dependence example

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Consequences of Technology Dependence


In the second half of the twentieth-century humanity has entered a new stage of development. It is the transition from the industrial society to the information one. The modern information society is characterized by several key features. The first one is that the majority of workers are employed in the providing different services. Also everyone has access to information that he needs. Finally, the role of information becomes a major strategic resource in the modern society. It occupies a key place in economy, education, culture and other activities.As it is known, “technology has been helping us satisfy our material needs since prehistoric times” (Santen, Vermeer & Khoe, 2010, p.3).

Thus, year be year the role of the technologies and information will increase in the world.Thesis StatementThe modern society is characterized as one in which people are employed in production, storage, processing or implementation of information and technologies. All these processes take place with direct use of different technologies. Nowadays people much less perform the routine work. The last one is done through technology, including computers, software, Internet tools.One more feature of the modern society is that economy gradually moves to online. The quantity of online stores grows rapidly from year to year. The Internet becomes the most appropriate platform for further interaction with people. According the experts, “networks are better than markets for exchanges of scientific and technological information needed to create radical innovations” (Hage, 2011, p.199).At the same time, the growth role of technology as in the individual as in the public life has the negative aspects. And people need to know them.

Every person, especially, teenagers, should control the impact of technology on their life. So, it is important to find a balance between technologies, virtual world and traditional human values that accepted in society. Arguments for Support Thesis StatementEveryone knows that the information is not material. So, the main force in the development of modern society must be represented as the manufacture of information as not-material product. As a rule the material product becomes more capacious within data. It means an increase in the share of innovations, as well as design and marketing in value of information. Let’s compare the positive and negative aspects of the modern society that often use technologies. The main advantages can be considered as follows:information becomes the most foreground product among people;information is used as fundamental principle of different activities in countries (political, cultural, educational and scientific fields);information as a subject of the purchase/sale;equal access to information for all people in the country;high protection of the intellectual property;international cooperation within technologies become much easier. In addition to the positive aspects it is possible to assume some negative trends. For example, Specialist Nissenbaum (2010) wrote in her book: “Information technology is considered a major threat to privacy because it enables pervasive surveillance, massive databases, and lightning-speed distribution of information across the globe” (p.1).Also growing role of media dictates opinion for people. Information technologies can …

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