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Continuous Improvement for Organizational Success

Part of the integral role of management is the maintenance of a practical system of quality management. The concept of continuous improvement is a vital component of this system. While it may bear a generalized perspective in the organizational context, it requires specific approaches for the achievement of comprehensive outcomes. The leader requires assessing the needs of the firm, facilitating the development of objectives and the formulation of initiatives. This paper seeks to assess the nature of continuous improvement as a concept and how the process is beneficial to the organization in achieving its objectives.


Continuous improvement is a core component of the organizational success process. The concept means the measurement of indices in quality and other processes within the firm, and taking steps to the achievement of their improvement (Levitt, 2010). It is a process that involves both the management and the staff, thus reducing all expenses and increasing the extent of content covered (Imai, 2004).

Continuous Improvement and Success in the Organization

The application of continuous improvement can be applied in different contexts within the firm. For instance, the organization should ensure that the areas of manufacturing, service and administration undergo all the processes for continuous improvement (Cushman & King, 2000). The company should have its objectives clear on quality; the process must include people, and focus on eliminating variables. This approach will ensure that quality improvement completes successfully within the firm (Berk & Berk, 2009). It is important to recognize opportunities for improvement, managing them to offer benefits to the organization. In order to accomplish this goal, the best approach involves correcting processes instead of specifically rectifying only the areas with defect (Mahadevan, 2010). As such, involving all people will facilitate the identification of needs as well as the creation of methodologies to achieve better outcomes.

In addition, the conversion of opportunities into benefits for the firm may rely on the application of specific approaches to action. For instance, the firm should consider adopting the PDSA cycle, which facilitates comprehensive plan execution (Douglas, 1999). Here, the opportunities can be planned for, implemented within small contexts, before being converted into entire organizational change plans.

How an organization leader would gather information about continuous improvement

Team leaders have a responsibility to assist their employees to perform their work more effectively by providing the necessary leadership. An important aspect of a successful leadership is good communication. Moreover, in order to ensure continuous improvement in work place it is important to ensure that all team members are actively involved in decision making processes. Tools that are attributed to these include mentoring and coaching these tools ensures that individuals and teams are able to implement and support organization goals.

One way of gathering information about continuous improvement is by taking setting achievable targets. Employees will be assessed based on the targets set upon them. Another method is by maintaining a balance score card, …

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