Project Management: Soccer Tournament example

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Project Management: Soccer Tournament

Project Scope

Project Objective

To hold a soccer tournament for 8 teams of 11 players. The teams invited are from the local soccer clubs, players’ age 18-30. The desired skill bar of the teams is amateur.

Since the tournament will be held in the end of spring, the primary field should be open-air. However, in case the weather conditions prove to be challenging for an open-air soccer tournament, a preliminary agreement with the secondary field should be established.


Sponsorship agreements

Teams rosters, including staff and substitutes

Estimated number of fans participating in the tournament

Primary field booking

Secondary field preliminary booking

Prizes for the tournament

Tournament held on 04/28/17-04/30/17


Beginning of the project 02/10/17

Finalizing the list of sponsors 02/28/17

Finalizing the list of participants 03/10/17

List of possible replacement teams 03/10/17

Primary field booking 03/17/17

Secondary field preliminary booking 03/17/17

Logistics plan development 03/24/17

Catering plan development 03/24/17

Weather forecast analysis 04/17/17

Final decision on the field 04/17/17

Finalizing the tournament rules and brackets 04/18/17

Rules distribution 04/18/17 – 04/20/17

Team attendance check 04/21/17

On-site preparations 04/26/17-04/27/17

Tournament commencing 04/28/17

Tournament end 04/30/17

Winners’ awards ceremony 04/30/17

Technical requirements:

For primary field:

As was stated before, this should be an outdoor soccer-specific field

Its dimensions should be the following: 100 yards long and 60 yards wide

The field should also feature benches next to or around the field for the fans

The location of the primary field must have the following facilities: changing rooms for both teams, showers, WC, water fountains, parking lot for at least 10 busses and a cafeteria (or anything close for the winners ceremony)

The field preferably should have a scoreboard, a screen and warm-up rooms.

For secondary field:

Generally, secondary field has the same requirements as the primary one. This includes mandatory features, as well as desirable

The required dimensions of such field will be different, 200 feet long and 85 feet wide

Tournament rules:

The tournament will be governed by the Rules and Regulations of Canadian Soccer Association established in October 2014. They can be accessed via CanadaSoccer website.

However, if the weather conditions will dictate so, the rules of the tournament will be switched to indoor soccer, since the games will be played indoor.

The major changes include the number of players on the field, the duration of the game and other game-related concepts.

Once the field is established and booked, the corresponding rules will be distributed to all of the participants of the tournament.

Limits and Exclusions:

Any professional players and/or teams are not allowed to participate in the tournament. In terms of this project, a player is considered a professional if he has a signed contract with Canadian Soccer Association or any other soccer governing body.

Customer Feedback:

Project Management and Project Staff

Team Coaches and Players


Project Priorities

The quality of the project depends on three major factors. For this project these factors are time of preparing and setting the tournament up, its cost and performance, or in this case satisfaction of all of the participants. In order to establish correct priorities for the project management team, these three factors have to be assessed …

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